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Managing ADHD Symptoms with a Multipronged Approach

Managing ADHD Symptoms with a Multipronged Approach

Looking for help managing ADHD symptoms but don’t know where to begin? Just as each person is unique, so is their journey to symptom management. To help you get started, we’ll look at some common approaches that can help you discover the best solution for you and your family.

As ADDitude Magazine said, “The best ADHD remedies adopt a multimodal approach — combining different, complementary interventions that work together to reduce symptoms. Your ideal combination may include medication, diet, exercise, behavioral therapy, supplements, CBT, working with a coach, or joining an ADHD support group.” To find out more about how you can manage ADHD without medication, check out the full guide here: https://www.additudemag.com/treating-adhd-without-medication/

We couldn’t have said it better because in many cases, it’s the combination of several approaches that works best. Utilizing methods such as brain training, coaching for parents/children or individuals, and dietary supplements can help with or without the addition of medication. 

Concentration is difficult even for neurotypical brains, but for those with ADHD it becomes much more difficult. Brain training can help both children and adults foster executive function and self-regulation skills; it includes things like digital eye-controlled games, neurofeedback training using a wearable device, meditation, etc. Coaching can also be beneficial for individuals with ADHD (as well as parents of children with ADHD) as a coach can provide strategies to manage procrastination, help create and realize goals, and teach self-regulation skills. 

Finally, dietary supplements are an excellent addition or alternative to medication to address the nutritional deficiencies known to be associated with ADHD. Accentrate® contains Brain ReadyTM Nutrition that provides both EPA and DHA in phospholipid form and vitamins to help manage inattention, emotional dysregulation, and hyperactivity without stimulants or drug-like side effects. 

Accentrate® is for individuals weighing less than 110 lbs. Since the adult brain has similar deficiencies as a child with ADHD, we adjusted and increased the healthy lipids and vitamins to create Accentrate110® to meet the nutritional needs of teens and adults weighing over 110 lbs.

We are passionate about helping you find the answers on how you can best manage the symptoms of ADHD. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here.

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