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is a nutritional supplement that is specifically formulated to address the nutritional deficiencies known to be associated with ADHD.

Accentrate™ contains Brain Ready™ Nutrition providing a healthy, unique combination of high-quality lipids and vitamins to help manage inattention, emotional dysregulation, and hyperactivity without stimulants or drug-like side effects.

Accentrate™ is for individuals weighing less than 110lbs.  Since the adult brain has similar deficiencies as a child with ADHD, we adjusted and increased the healthy lipids and vitamins to create Accentrate110™ to meet the nutritional needs of  teens and adults weighing over 110lbs. 

Fenix Health Science, makers of Accentrate™, develop products that aim to heal without hurting today or in the future. Accentrate™ was initially developed to manage our child’s ADHD symptoms.  


We were Vayarin users until they stopped making it. We tried a few products that were supposed to be comparable, and they did not work for us. Then we found Accentrate. We had to find the right dose for my DD. Vayarin worked perfectly for her, and so does Accentrate. We are very thankful for this product and Jessica, she went beyond our expectations. Thank you Jessica and Accentrate.
Helen - November 2019
I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful my family is for accentrate. My 8yo stopped taking it for 6 weeks and went from homework taking 15 minutes to taking 3 hours. He also showed signs of autism (to put it in a manner many would understand.) 4 days back on it and he was back to normal. That was in October 2019. We just added MZI, since we noticed increased hyperactivity from the old formula. He was able to swallow the capsule the past 2 days but wanted to try it on applesauce (which is how he took meds when he was on them. He is only on accentrate & MZI since June 2019.) He said it was disgusting and will take it in the capsule from now on 😂. Ty for an amazing product that is keeping my guy balanced, and focused in school and at home!
Jill - January 2020
Hello ,we used too Vayarin for more than a year,than stopped produced it. This is our third mounth we use Accentrate. It's even better than Vayarin! My son is 6 years old, the attention is now better. He speaks better too.
Pelac - November 2019

What is ADHD?

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common psychiatric disorders in children characterized by impairments in inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

It’s estimated that between 4 and 5% of adults suffer from ADHD and up to 11% of children between 4 and 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD. It’s suggested that diet, nutrition, environment, genetics, and abnormalities in the metabolism of certain fatty acids may contribute to the development of ADHD. The ADHD brain is different. While the direct cause is unknown, many doctors prescribe stimulants to help reduce symptoms. AccentrateTM is not a stimulant. It is a nutritional supplement that supports attention, memory and focus and because all the ingredients in AccentrateTM are natural products found in foods, it does not have drug-like side effects. AccentrateTM is specifically formulated to address the nutritional needs of the brain.

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Ease the burden of ADHD with AccentrateTM

Accentrate™ is a natural, scientifically-formulated combination that addresses multiple issues underlying inattention, emotional dysregulation, and hyperactivity. Accentrate™ contains lipids and vitamins designed to address lipid imbalances and supports proper regulation of neurotransmitters needed for optimal cognition, including memory, attention, and focus. It’s not a drug, and it’s not a stimulant – Accentrate™ is made from natural ingredients including:

  • Tissue-TargetedTM EPA & DHA
  • L-Methylfolate
  • Active Vitamin B6 / Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D3
  • Riboflavin

Whether it’s for you or your child, you can be confident in Accentrate’s nutritional, healthy approach to managing ADHD without hurting.

Accentrate™ is intended for children under 110 lbs. For individuals 110 lbs and over, check out Accentrate110™ .

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The science behind AccentrateTM

It has been shown that people diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are more likely to have low levels of certain lipids, specifically certain omega-3 fatty acids, and ADHD has been shown to be associated with metabolic disturbances in lipid metabolism[4].

The potential effects of lipid imbalances

These imbalances in lipid metabolism that may occur in ADHD are associated with increased oxidative stress, higher rates of lipid degradation, decreased synthesis of phospholipids containing omega-3 fatty acids, and reduced levels of phospholipid-EPA and phospholipid-DHA membrane structure and function. AccentrateTM provides direct support to these lipid imbalances along with a suite of vitamins and minerals designed to support memory, focus, and attentiveness.
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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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