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My son uses Accentrate and his concentration level has been much better.

Cesar- June 2021

Hi! We have been using your product for 1 year and it has helped our son significantly.

Idalis- May 2021

I started this on my 5 year old when I was informed he was struggling in Kindergarten. His math testing scores went up 98% and his reading up 90% after only 3 months.

Lyndsay- May 2021

We love your product and see a noticeable difference in our daughter when she does not take them.

Crystal- April 2021

My grandson has been taking it and it was suggested I may benefit from this. I had tried it but ran out. Am now going stay on the vitamins. They really work.

Sherry- April 2021

We’re seeing results and appreciate you!

Stefany- April 2021

Total miracle. I wish it had been around 25 years ago. My son was only in first grade when they had me start Ritalin. A decision that still haunts me. It makes them a starved child, anxiety from the heart beating so fast. Then, you just have to put them on stomach meds, anxiety meds. On and on. Then, because they have stimulates all those years, they are likely to turn to methamphetamine. Then here comes jail with no proper meds given. Such an endless nightmare cycle. I hope your company does really well. I will share, share, share. The whole country needs to be aware. Thank you. May God himself bless the work ya are doing. It has been a long time coming.

JMarie- February 2021

I’m 37 now and ADHD symptoms have haunted me my whole life. They didn’t get better as I got older. I somewhat learned to cope but not very well. As an adult I experienced major depression and anxiety due to not being able to function like I want to. I’ve been looking for natural high quality supplements that help, most of my adult life with no luck. Accentrate and their products have changed my life. Legit. I cannot miss a dose, I treat it like medication. The biggest benefits that I experience are emotional regulation, decrease in impulsivity and decrease in anxiety due to ADHD symptoms (probably due to the increased in ability to emotionally regulate). I still lose things constantly but am able to deal with those times better because of the emotional regulation! Very thankful and I will never hesitate to spread the word about their products.

Natalie- February 2021

Please meet Jason, an Accentrate customer that is using Accentrate as a replacement for Vayarin to help him cope with his adult ADHD. Accentrate is a great natural supplement for both kids and adults to help manage their challenges with ADHD.

Jason – February 2021

Meet Jamie and Elijah everyone! Jamie was recommended Accentrate and Accentrate MZI by her physician to help Elijah. Elijah also made this awesome car wash station too for this special video. We are so happy he is doing awesome and thank Jamie and Elijah for telling us how great Accentrate and MZI is working!

Jamie and Elijah – February 2021

I wanted to thank you all for what you are doing for the ADHD community. After hearing my daughter’s physician say that my daughter would “never be able to take medication and we should try another route” (due to other GI-related issues) we were on a discouraging 7-year journey to finding help with all the nuances of ADHD (combined type) and Dyslexia. We learned very quickly that she needed a specially tailored vitamin and mineral regimen, but without a physician who specialized in this we were on our own to figure it out. Not being scientists we couldn’t do it on our own. ENTER Accentrate! About 2 weeks after faithfully starting the Accentrate and MZI supplements my 12-year-old daughter commented that she felt “in control” and “calm”. Her teachers and extracurricular instructors even commented that she was just “so much more focused” and “finished things accurately and quickly”. We are now 2 months in and she can finish an entire routine without step-by-step guidance. She completes tasks thoroughly now and only occasionally acts without thinking first. As recent as this morning, she commented that she feels “really chill” and “peaceful”. She has also commented that she can tell when she is actually hungry now rather than just wanting to snack all day. We are eternally grateful for what you’re doing and the miracle of these products. Our lives are forever changed and we are sharing our story with everyone we meet! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  

Joana – February 2021

I am a HUGE advocate of your products. I have had ADHD with comorbid anxiety all my life. I am also a therapist and I see the side effects of mainstream drugs on my clients. I have been searching for natural products and supplements that don’t make me feel sick when I take them….or products where I don’t have to take a ton of pills. So I am so sad to hear about the Omega 3 not being sold anymore. I started taking that along with accentrate and mag in December and see a huge difference in the memory part of my ADD symptoms. Is this something at some point you hope to sell again?
I am ordering a bunch to get me through the next few months.

Natalie – January 2021

I just wanted to thank you and your company for your commitment with your patients. Fourth months ago I wasn’t able to receive your product directly in Puerto Rico and today I can. This is how your company differentiate from others, hearing the voice of your customer and serving your patients. Please share with your management this succes story.

Mariano – October 2020

I do want to provide feedback regarding the use of Accentrate 110 for my 14 year old son.  This dietary supplement has helped me son be able to work with his ADHA inattentive and not need any forms of medications. The supplement has helped my son be able to do his studies and perform his best as he continues to be on the Honor Roll. This support also made it possible to stop the other trial medication that was being prescribed that had awful side effects. I am glad I am able to purchase this supplement and support my son with his learning abilities and daily optimal functions.   

Veronica – October 2020

 As it was explained to my husband and I, regular fish oil doesn’t quite break through the brain barrier (designed to keep all the stuff away from the brain/protective).  Anyway, there is a FDA approved ‘medical grade food’ pill called Accentrate that contains fish oil and other supplements that are designed to get those nutrients to the brain more effectively.  
We have used this for a little while for our 7th grader. We do think it has helped focus and impulse control.
Carrie – October 2020

Things are going great! Teachers have said she has done a complete 180. Her temper has gone down and grades are good!
My husband went off of Adderall (was on for several years) and switched to Accentrate as well because he saw her great results. He said he has been able to focus almost as well, but no longer has joint inflammation, irritability, and anxiety that Adderall comes with.  

User update (Accentrate & Accentrate110 – September 2020

We are so pleased with this product! It has really helped my son!

Alissa – August 2020

I am so thankful for this product. We were using Vyarin and then they stopped shipping to the US. This product works the same as the other one. We are so thankful because it has been life changing for our son.

Tammy – August 2020

I don’t think he’s going to need the concerta very much longer.. Accentrate is amazing and has had an amazing effect on him. ❤️ 

Kassie – May 2020

I am the mom of a 14 year old son who was diagnosed in first grade with ADD at the age of 6. It’s been a long and exhausting journey for us. Over the years he has taken Focalin, Straterra, Concerta, Intuniv, and most recently Vyvanse. We have seen a psychologist, a neurologist, done therapy, tutoring and executive functioning boot camps. Nothing has worked as well as Accentrate. I am so thankful that our pediatrician finally recommended it to us. My son has been taking it since October, in conjunction with Vyvanse, and the difference is incredible. I used to say I had a full-time job as his personal secretary. I used to have to constantly be on top of him to make sure he knew what his assignments were, that he was completing them and turning them in on time. We’ve had many long nights, sometimes well into the morning working because he just couldn’t focus. That is no more. I have been able to almost completely step back. He is now aware of what he needs to do all on his own. He packs his own book bag every morning without my help. I no longer have to hover over him to make sure he’s completing his work. Most importantly, he’s finished at a decent hour and no more frustration and arguments. He has been responsible for himself, as it should be. He does still have “off days” every now and then, so I don’t think we’re ready to go without the Vyvanse yet, but I am optimistic now that the day will come where he won’t need it anymore and only take the Accentrate. I recommend it to anyone I speak to who is experiencing the same issues we are. I feel it has been a game changer for us.

S. D. – February 2020

My dr. has prescribed Accentrate to help bring my triglycerides and cholesterol under control. I have a very finicky liver, and we (at this point) have yet to find a statin that my liver can tolerate for longer than 6 months EXCEPT Accentrate. I know it isn’t really a “statin” but it seems to work like one for me. Thanks for letting me tell you what a great product you have and why my dr. has prescribed it for me.  The customer service at Accentrate is first rate.

Leah – February 2020

I bought the product Accentrate 100 for my son and I who both have ADHD and are on medication.  He is a teenager and his diet is terrible when he does eat so I wanted a quality supplement for him to start with.  I read about Accentrate on ADDitude magazine site and felt it was worth a try.  My diagnosis is more recent than his and I have still not found the best med for me, so I wanted to try accentrate too.  We started about 3 months ago and even if it is in my own mind I think that Accentrate is helping with my son — it seems that his moods are better if he is consistently taking it–meaning, that he is less labile and dare I say more pleasant?  For me, every little bit helps!

Molly – February 2020 (adult and child user) 

My husband and I see an improvement in our son’s ability to focus. We definitely want to continue Mark on his Accentrate 110, and our confidence in Fenix is very high.  We feel like you really care about us, our son, and your service.  

Oliva – February 2020

I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful my family is for accentrate. My 8yo stopped taking it for 6 weeks and went from homework taking 15 minutes to taking 3 hours. He also showed signs of autism (to put it in a manner many would understand.) 4 days back on it and he was back to normal. That was in October 2019. We just added MZI, since we noticed increased hyperactivity from the old formula. He was able to swallow the capsule the past 2 days but wanted to try it on applesauce (which is how he took meds when he was on them. He is only on accentrate & MZI since June 2019.) He said it was disgusting and will take it in the capsule from now on 😂. Ty for an amazing product that is keeping my guy balanced, and focused in school and at home!

Jill – January 2020 

We were Vayarin users until they stopped making it. We tried a few products that were supposed to be comparable, and they did not work for us. Then we found Accentrate. We had to find the right dose for my DD. Vayarin worked perfectly for her, and so does Accentrate. We are very thankful for this product and Jessica, she went beyond our expectations. Thank you Jessica and Accentrate.

Helen – November 2019

Hello ,we used too Vayarin for more than a year,than stopped produced it. This is our third mounth we use Accentrate. It’s even better than Vayarin!  My son is 6 years old, the attention is now better. He speaks better too.

Pelac – November 2019 

We are starting month 3 and we have seen lots of positive changes with emotional regulation ..she is easier to compromise with and a lot quicker to calm self. She has been helping around the house and helping with younger brother ( hw with 6 yr old )…looking forward to many more positives …thank you.

Tammie – October 2019

My 8 year old has struggles with inattentivenes. Sometimes he has a hard time following conversations and multi step instructions. He started Accentrate more than 2 months ago. His only comment was about the fishy burps! But now he takes them with a small snack and that isn’t a problem anymore. The main difference that we have seen is that he is having an easier time winding down at bedtime. He was having regular meltdowns but they seem to be fewer and farther between. I’m looking forward to seeing if there are any differences once school starts back up since we started at he very end of last school year.

April – October 2019 

It has truly made a difference in our son’s life! We are so thankful to have it!  

Lori – September 2019

My 8 year old has struggles with inattentivenes. Sometimes he has a hard time following conversations and multi step instructions. He started Accentrate more than 2 months ago. His only comment was about the fishy burps! But now he takes them with a small snack and that isn’t a problem anymore. The main difference that we have seen is that he is having an easier time winding down at bedtime. He was having regular meltdowns but they seem to be fewer and farther between. I’m looking forward to seeing if there are any differences once school starts back up since we started at he very end of last school year.

Christina – July 2019 

We are nearing the end of our first 45 days of Accentrate for our two boys, and we are pleased to say that we did not skip a beat as we took our last Vayarin one day and we had the Accentrate ready for the next morning.  It has been such a seamless transition-our boys (ages 10 and 11) have been able to remain focused and calm. I don’t even consider stimulants as an option any longer, and there was once a time (before Vayarin and Accentrate) when my husband and I couldn’t get through a day of parenting without our children being medicated.  We have been stimulant free since April 2018 and we couldn’t be happier-the children are now gaining weight since they don’t take stimulants, they don’t have the afternoon crash of the ADHD meds wearing off, and they are just normal boys! My kids even enjoy taking Accentrate so much more than Vayarin. They would fight us every morning when they took  Vayarin saying it “tasted fishy”. Accentrate has NO taste, it is only one pill versus the two pills of Vayarin, and it slides down so easily. The kids just think of it as an extra multi-vitamin because it is filled with so many extra nutrients. They actually take Accentrate willingly! One other benefit of Accentrate-my 11 year old doesn’t even seem to have the edge of anxiety that is so normal for him, he is just so much more relaxed and happy!  

Stephanie – July 2019

My son takes Concerta. And every day he would come home from school pail in the face with a headache, stomachache, feeling blah. I used to ask him how he was feeling and he’d say, “it’s hard to explain mom, cause I don’t really know how I feel.” We use to call it being zombified. He has now been taking Accentrate for 3 months and the difference in the way he feels, acts, eats is something I prayed for every single day. Accentrate gives my child the vitamins that his brain and body needs. I am amazed at the improvement of his overall health and I have Accentrate to thank. Thank you, you’ve given my son his “life” back! I strongly recommend Accentrate to any parent who has a child with ADHD.  

Kassie J – June 2019 

We were on Vayarin, dr said cut to 1/day instead of 2 to make it last longer. We got Accentrate with 2 Vayarin capsules left.

I can honestly say, after watching the hyperactivity come back more and more, and seeing a glimpse of possible autism, 4 days on Accentrate and all that is decreasing! Because we were on Vayarin, and already had a buildup of the omega & (I forget the name) built up in my child’s body, we saw rather quick results. AND he can swallow the pill, which took some coaching as he didn’t swallow pills prior.

I’m so glad we were able to find an alternative so quickly!  

Jill F – May 2019

Our son was diagnosed with ADHD and other sensory challenges early on. He responded well to stimulant medicine but the side effects were problematic and we had to decrease the focaline dose. After we started Accentrate, we observed a noticeable decrease in his side effects, and more regulation during the times that his medicine was not longer active, such as in the evening and morning routines. We give him one pill every morning and evening. 

Navid- May 2019 
  1.       Did you use the complete 30 (or 90) day supply?

Yes, 90 day supply

  1.       Did the Accentrate carton help with taking the softgel every day?

Yes, but when you open the package, the first fold is for the last week which makes it a little confusing. In order to get to the first week you have to open the box and unfold the whole thing. Its also written upside down to the outer packaging.

  1.       Did you notice any improvements in ADHD symptoms?

Yes, I saw improvements. My irritability, mental fog, hyperactivity, and impulsivity tendencies decreased.

  1.       Is the person that used Accentrate presently taking stimulant medication?

Yes. When I started taking accentrate, I was taking adderall. I have since switched to vyvanse.

  1.       Is the person that used Accentrate presently taking other dietary supplements?

Yes. Olly vitamins

Erica (Adult User)- May 2019

My 10-year-old son was diagnosed with combined-type ADHD when he was 5 and has been on non-stimulants along with a multitude of ADHD positive vitamins since that time. I went to the International ADHD Conference in November 2018 and met the folks at Accentrate who explained the benefits of this vitamin/supplement for kids with ADHD. Interestingly, my son had been taking many of the vitamins contained in Accentrate (i.e. Methyl Folate, B-12, DHA/EPA and D3), however, he had to take a bunch of pills, sprays and drops as opposed to one Accentrate capsule. He took a 3-month supply of Accentrate from January – March. Since my son had already been taking most of the vitamins contained in Accentrate, I didn’t notice a difference in his attention, behavior or self-regulation. After the 3-month supply ended about a month passed when my son was not taking Accentrate. I noticed a HUGE decline in his self-regulation since not being on Accentrate! What this tells me is that Accentrate’s formula absolutely contributes to my son’s ability to self-regulate and focus. I really appreciate the ease of taking just one capsule as opposed to a plethora of vitamins and my son thinks the capsule smells like chocolate so he likes taking it. Highly recommend!

Lucinda – April 2019

Sorry for the late review, but I just wanted thank you guys for such an awesome product. We’ve been giving my son Accentrate for a little over a month and a half and we are really starting to see a big change in my son. Before, he was super hyper and could not focus at school, he used to get easily annoyed and bored. Also, he could not deal with transitions, fidgeting, and making noises and whining. He always wanted to do good in school, but because of his adhd, physically and mentally he was having a difficult time. The school he goes to color codes a kid’s day by his behavior. Red is bad, yellow is ok, green is a good day, and purple is an awesome day. Everyday he would get either a yellow or red, with a green intermittently, forget about him bringing home a purple.  Fast forward to now, and he brings home at least one purple during the week, and almost green everyday. He’s only had maybe 3 or 4 yellows since he has been on it. This week he has earned student of the week, the first time ever in his life. I used to stress out everyday because I knew when I picked up my son, I would have to hear how he had a terrible day. Well not anymore. Accentrate has helped my son and I, tremendously. I hope my story can help the parents dealing with their children’s ADHD. Don’t rush into medicine without trying a more natural approach. Your kid will benefit in the long run. I started to research different alternatives and noticed some good reviews on Accentrate, that’s when I gave it a try. I can only imagine it will get even better with time. You definitely have a returning customer! I promote your product to everyone that is dealing with ADHD issues and will continue to do so. Again, I couldn’t thank you guys enough.

Vincent – April 2019

My daughter just started Accentrate a week ago, she is 13, about 105 pounds, 5 feet. I have been having her take one in the morning and at night more to get it built up into her system. I must say that I can definitely tell that all of her spark plugs are beginning to fire. I always knew ADHD was a nutritional deficiency coupled with behavior training, I’m so glad to find a non stimulant that works for her. She has never been evaluated, but I have ADHD. When I recognized her symptoms I took her out of school and homeschooled her for two years just to help build new behaviors that she could carry with her. That’s not easy…. it’s so hard for an ADHD person to make habits! I’m noticing since we started Accentrate, however, that she is starting to slow down.

Melissa – Feb 2019

I have been on Accentrate for almost 3 months.  I take 2 pills daily.  I haven’t missed any days.  

Prior to starting Accentrate I was on the stimulant Vyvanse 40 mg QD.  Around 1 month into the Accentrate, I could tell things were changing for me because I felt overstimulated when I took my Vyvanse. I have since had my Vyvanse dose decreased to 30mg. Things seem to be better now. Not overstimulated.  I’m hoping with continued use of Accentrate, I will continue to decrease my need for a stimulant.  I’ve had no side effects from the Accentrate that I’m aware of.

Mark (Adult User) – February 2019

We are on month 4 of Accentrate and my 11 year old girl seems so much better!

Mandy – February 2019

My son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 9. When he was 10, his school pulled my wife and I in and said without saying, “Put him on medication.” We wanted to try a natural route first. We first tried Vayarin for three or so months. We didn’t notice any improvements. Then we found Accentrate, which has the phospholipid omega-3s that Vayarin has, but also has many other vitamins, minerals, and cofactors, and it was cheaper so we thought we’d give it a try. He’s been on it for more than six months. At his parent teacher conference and his report card, his teachers have said his attention and focus is improved. He’s still very ADHD, hyper at home and when we go out. But he can sit and read. He can sit in class and pay attention. We haven’t ever given him stimulants yet, and for now, I don’t think we will.

M Tucker – January 2019

My son has been steadily improving with his behavior after 3 months on Accentrate. He has had far less episodes at home and at school. He went from failing in all subjects except gym and art, to passing all but one subject, which is reading. I would gather that reading is probably the toughest subject for a child with ADHD. He still has a horrible memory, so I am hoping with continuous use of Accentrate this will improve as well.

Linda W – January 2019

My 3 kids were diagnosed with inattentive ADHD recently and our family wasn’t ready to try stimulant type medicine just yet. I’ve spent at least a couple hundred dollars on different vitamins for ADHD but they either tasted gross, too chewy or just couldn’t stomach them. I was introduced to Accentrate recently and thought we’d give it a try with our kids. They’ve been on it pretty regularly since summer and they say it helps them. I think it’s a solid product just by doing my own research on what vitamins are beneficial for children with ADHD. This is the only vitamin that I have found that combines everything I was looking for. My kids range in age from 8-12.

Kendra O – January 2019

The ingredients in this product are exactly what are used to treat MTHFR genetic polymorphisms, common in kids with ADHD and autism. My son takes all of the methylated vitamins in this for MTHFR.

ADHDmomma – January 2019

My son has been taking Accentrate for the last four months. We’ve noticed improvement and have not felt that medication is necessary right now. The first benefits we noticed were calming in his behavior. He had fewer mood outbursts. He still did, but to a noticeably lessor extent. We have found recently, that we do not have to hassle him to sit and do his homework or reading either. His ADHD is still noticeable, but much more manageable. And we are happy that we do not have to medicate at this point.

Jen P – January 2019

I actually purchased the 3-month supply for both me and my son, so we’re almost through the whole package. Hence, the additional order placed this week. I wanted us both to try it first for a month or so to determine if it’s something we’d like to keep taking. I have noticed some improvements in both of us – specifically in our ability to remember things. That’s been a big issue for both of us – something I’ve often referred to as being “scatter-brained.” I’ve noticed more changes in my son, so I think it’s impacting him more quickly than me, but I’ve seen enough to want to continue.

As for the product itself, we love the packaging with the dates – birth-control style, but of course, I’d never tell my son that, because he’d stop taking it. LOL! But seriously, it can be difficult to remember if we’ve taken medicine from day to day, so have a package that helps us manage that is so helpful! It also looks very medical – I had to convince my son that it was like a daily vitamin and not “a prescription medicine.” He didn’t believe me, because of the packaging.

On the website, figuring out how to check on the status of my order was a bit difficult. It took me a while to realize that the login was at the bottom in the footer. I clicked around in all of the different pages for a while before I finally figured it out.

Corrie – December 2018

My son has been on Accentrate since June 2018. He is doing very well. He was hyperactive and would get easily agitated. The first thing we noticed was that he had significantly calmed down after a week of taking Accentrate.

We didn’t notice improvements in focus or attention until later in September. but this might also be because he wasn’t in school in June or July.

We’ve continually reordered because we feel it helps. It’s nice to take one pill instead of multiple supplements.

Cherie M – November 2018

Social Media Post: “The first thing we noticed was that he had significantly calmed down after a week of taking Accentrate. We’ve continually reordered because we feel it helps. It’s nice to take one pill instead of multiple supplements.”

Cherie M – November 2018

Accentrate has been very successful for our family. We started our son on it roughly 2 months ago and have noticed an improvement in his behaviour and his focus. Conversations with him are more enjoyable and he seems to be able to keep himself settled a bit more.

We like that this product is all natural and that it feeds the brain everything it needs. For this reason, we’ve decided to put our other child on this supplement as well.

A few weeks in, we coupled Accentrate with a gluten free and dairy free diet and noticed even greater improvements. We would recommend this product to anyone wanting a natural alternative to stimulants.

Twinkie Mom – September 2018

My son just finished up the three-month supply we bought and we are re-ordering. While this didn’t help him focus and concentrate like the medication did, there was enough improvement that I’d rather him be on a natural product than on an addictive substance with side effects. His teachers say that he is manageable and are supportive of our decision.

Nikki – September 2018

We did not want to medicate our daughter. We searched for different alternatives. We saw that fish oils, magnesium, multi-vitamins might help. And they did. But it was always hard having her take three different pills. This product is great because it’s one small pill with all these nutrients that we were already comfortable with. She didn’t like the fish oil pill, and said it was very fishy. This doesn’t taste fishy to her at all.

The tracking component of the packaging is just brilliant. It’s helped us more than once notice we missed a day.

Rebecca – September 2018

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