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ACCENTRATE® One Month Supply Subscription (Auto Ship)

$49.99 / month

Accentrate™  is a natural, scientifically-formulated combination of minerals, lipids, and vitamins designed to address lipid imbalances associated with ADHD and support proper regulation of neurotransmitters needed for optimal cognition, including memory, attention, and focus.

It’s not a drug, and it’s not a stimulant —Accentrate™ is made entirely from premium natural ingredients including:

  • Tissue-Targeted EPA & DHA
  • L-Methylfolate
  • Vitamin B6 / Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D3
  • Riboflavin

Accentrate™’s packaging contains a tracking system so you can easily check to make sure your child consumed their daily dosage.  If forgotten, no problem, take when remembered!  Also, Accentrate™ has a behavioral tracking sheet (emailed upon ordering) so you can compare behaviors from Day 1 to Day 30-90.

You can be confident in Accentrate™’s healthy approach to manage symptoms associated with ADHD.

Subscriptions can be cancelled or postponed at any time by logging into your account and making any necessary changes.

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4 reviews for ACCENTRATE® One Month Supply Subscription (Auto Ship)

  1. Rob

    My son has ADHD. A year ago, his teachers called my wife and I in and strongly “recommended” (or alluded to) getting a stimulant for our son to manage his ADHD. We were reluctant because we knew of the side-affects and possible long term affects.
    We found this product and our son has been taking it for some time. At the end-of-the-year parent teacher conference, his teacher told us she noticed improved focus and attention.
    We also appreciate that the packaging allows you to track whether or not he takes it. We’ve been able to notice the days where he forgets to take it.

  2. TwinkieMom

    Accentrate has been very successful for our family. We started our son on it roughly 2 months ago and have noticed an improvement in his behaviour and his focus. Conversations with him are more enjoyable and he seems to be able to keep himself settled a bit more.
    We like that this product is all natural and that it feeds the brain everything it needs. For this reason, we’ve decided to put our other child on this supplement as well.
    A few weeks in, we coupled Accentrate with a gluten free and dairy free diet and noticed even greater improvements. We would recommend this product to anyone wanting a natural alternative to stimulants.

  3. Cherie

    Within 2 weeks of starting our son on Accentrate, we noticed an improvement in his behavior and his ability to stay focused.
    Before Accentrate, I used to give my children magnesium, calcium, and fish oils separately (3 different things) but now our morning routine is simplified because I just give them this one soft gel.
    This product is a game changer for our family!

  4. Rebecca

    We did not want to medicate our daughter. We searched for different alternatives. We saw that fish oils, magnesium, multi-vitamins might help. And they did. But it was always hard having her take three different pills. This product is great because it’s one small pill with all these nutrients that we were already comfortable with. She didn’t like the fish oil pill, and said it was very fishy. This doesn’t taste fishy to her at all.
    The tracking component of the packaging is just brilliant. It’s helped us more than once notice we missed a day.

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