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Tips on teaching a child to swallow a pill

Tips on teaching a child to swallow a pill

Accentrate® is a soft gel which is slightly larger than a Tic Tac.

Accentrate was designed to be a small softgel intended for children 5-14 years old to take. A softgel makes it easier for a child to swallow than a capsule or tablet.

Learning to swallow pills is an important life skill but it seems to be a huge hurdle for young children.  Many medications are NOT available in gummy or liquid form and children with chronic diseases must learn to cope and overcome this challenge.  Here are some tips on how to train your child to learn to swallow but the number one tip is to BE PATIENT!!!.

*Purchase a variety of candies from the cake decorating aisle, Mini M&Ms, Tic Tacs, etc. 
*Place them in a pill container.
*Present it to your child as a game
*Start with the smallest size and have them swallow it. Most children do not have any difficulty swallowing a tiny ball from the cake aisle.  After multiple successful attempts, move on to slightly larger candies.  Most children can swallow most normal size pills once they can swallow a TIC TAC.

More Information: https://www.kars4kids.org/blog/teach-child-swallow-pills-2-methods-really-work/

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