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More Than Just ADHD: Could Dyslexia Be a Factor?

So, you received the ADHD diagnosis and you’re finding what helps your child best manage their symptoms. You’re seeing improvement in some aspects, but they’re still shying away from reading. Now what do you do? It could be more than just ADHD. Your child may also have dyslexia.

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Causes of ADHD

People often say that allowing their children to play video games, watch tv, or play on a tablet might contribute to ADHD or that “bad parenting” leads to  ADHD. You don’t “get ADHD” through the environment this way. An individual has it or you don't. It’s in your genetics. However, the severity of ADHD ranges from mild to severe. And improving your environment can decrease the severity of the ADHD…

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Accentrate® Chewable Softgel is now available!

We are so excited to finally launch Accentrate® Chewable Softgel and there couldn’t be a better time as kids are adapting to challenging educational settings. Now, more than ever is it important to nourish the brain with nutrients that support attention, focus, and emotional regulation.    Ever since we launched Accentrate®, parents have been asking for a gummy for their children that can’t swallow pills. Kids love gummies and we had our…

A Mom’s Journey with ADHD
Jessica Bartel, co-founder and marketing director of Fenix Health Science, LLC

A Mom’s Journey with ADHD

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR1LbIc8Bzo Jessica Bartel, co-founder and marketing director, tells her story on how her son was diagnosed with ADHD, her experience with the school system and why she and her husband developed Accentrate.


Tips on teaching a child to swallow a pill

Accentrate® is a soft gel which is slightly larger than a Tic Tac. Accentrate was designed to be a small softgel intended for children 5-14 years old to take. A softgel makes it easier for a child to swallow than a capsule or tablet. Learning to swallow pills is an important life skill but it seems to be a huge hurdle for young children.  Many medications are NOT available in gummy…


Behavior Tracking Chart

The underlying conditions of ADHD is generally acknowledged to be complex and multifactorial. Each individuals genetics and nutritional needs are different. Noticeable improvement in managing symptoms of emotional dysfunction and inattention can range between three weeks (some customers have reported even sooner) to three months.  We highly encourage you to be patient since nutritional supplements are NOT a quick fix. They should be taken daily for best results and given plenty of time…

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